Who We Are

Established in the spring of 2009, Mentoring With Purpose Charity Inc., a non-profit organization,  provides various services, educational programs, and community outreach programs that inspire and empower young men and women to achieve their full potential as leaders.

Frank D. Murphy
Former NFL Player
Founder / Author /  Speaker

What We Do

Educational Programs

– Character-building and life skills curriculum for middle/high school, collegiate, and professional athletes​
– The Man Behind The Helmet book club & Educational Theater Production

Community Involvement and Mentoring Programs

– Sports, integrity, and character building camps
– Worldwide sports and men’s conferences

Develop Long Lasting Partnerships

We pride ourselves in partnering with other non-profits who have like-minded missions:
– Toy giveaway during holiday seasons
– Thanksgiving dinner assistance
– 5k run/walk to stop violence and promote healthy living​

“Put Down Your Fake I.D.” Conference

We host annual youth conferences in communities and within schools, empowering, educating, and inspiring them to put down their ‘fake’ perception of themselves, and look to identify with their true identity; one of hope, accountability, and confidence. 
– Motivational Speaking
– Guest Speakers
– Door Prizes & Giveaways
– Live Music & DJ
– Snacks/Lunch

Through your financial support, we are able to continue to Inspire, Empower and Educate our youth, their families, and build healthy communities. Partner with us or simply give a one-time donation today!

Thank You.


Our Mission

Athletes and at risk youth side by side transforming the next generation with the proper tools provided by the Frank D. Murphy Program.

Our Vision

Building mentors and new role models to impact and influence our at risk youth and athletes.

Our Values

Character – Do what’s right when no one’s watching.

Integrity – Honor the people who came before us.

Honesty – Morality

Truth – Communicating and exhibiting genuineness

Love – Covers everything and everyone

More of What We Do…

Frank D. Murphy Curriculum

The curriculum consists of educational workshops that cover the topics: anger-management, finding a purpose, integrity, communication skills, financial management, quality of life, drugs and alcohol, abuse, peer pressure and much more. The full curriculum takes approximately 16 weeks for completion.

College Tours

A weekend trip to Florida colleges for at risk youth and mentors.

Sports Camps

Top of the line sports camp ran by former BUCS player Frank D Murphy

Leadership Conference

Open to all kids (10 & up), mentors and aspiring mentors this conference is unlike any other. All who attend leave the conference with a vision of where than can go and the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

Man Behind The Helmet

The book, stage play and upcoming movie. Frank Murphy lays out a power message of a courage, life changing decisions, perseverance, mistakes and triumph in this riveting autobiography. The stage play is often used as a motivation play for kids of any age.

Awareness (5k Run)

A walk to raise awareness and funds for CTE (a form of dementia affecting athletes). Funds will go towards research and awareness of this disease.

Life Skills Workshop at juvenile detention centers

A four week program for inmates at the local juvenile detention center on life skills to reincorporate back into society taught by Frank D. Murphy

Exposure trips for kids

Special days to local attractions and events. Frank and the organizations he leads partner with other professional sports organizations and community programs like PAL (Police Athletic League). During these outings, kids are able to hear the testimonial of Frank D. Murphy and interact with the pro’s, guest speakers all while experiencing tours, special access to facilities, and ”gift bags” with autographed merchandise.

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