Mentoring with a Purpose Introduction 1.1

The primary objective of Mentoring With Purpose is to have athletes who have lost hope see that, regardless of any unwise decision of the past, their future is very bright. It is also to be used as an encouragement and guide for those who aspire to be leaders in all aspects of life to stay the course. Through this curriculum, we endeavor to meet the needs of the whole person – mind and body. Our desire is to be an extension of the authentic individual and guide them in the direction of hard work, dedication, and effective life management. We commit to provide ongoing encouragement and guidance through mentoring, teaching, and life skills applications. A secondary objective is to give athletes the courage to become leaders in every aspect of life. We encourage authentic leadership, whether it is in the locker room, in the community, or in everyday life.
To inspire every tier of athlete who has met with circumstances that could abort future dreams resulting in a loss of hope. To cast vision for those embarking upon an athletic endeavor at any level, guiding them down paths that help them avoid destructive decisions. We endeavor to have athletes come into our program as champions, go through the program as champions, and leave as champions.
Our mission is to create a new sports culture of athletes whoare unafraid to enter the arena as leaders, not followers. To create a sense of urgency within athletes and cause them to think about their current situation, the decisions of theirpast, and allow both those elements to pave the way for a promising future. We want to develop, implement, and deliver a life plan that will prove effective and lead to success in their lives. We endeavor to make life-promoting alternatives foreseeable as a counter to expulsion, alternative or boarding schools, incarceration, and rehabilitation centers. We endeavor to help these athletes reach the goals that are in their hearts and equip these individuals with skills they need to provide positive contributions for themselves, their families, and society.
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