Man Behind the Helmet Programs

Our overarching program goals are to provide hope for at-risk youth and to introduce them to Frank D Murphy’s story through a wide range of experiential learning opportunities (football camps, college tours, exposure trips), meeting tangible needs (school supplies, sports equipment, toys, holiday meals), and introducing Frank’s story (book, stage play, seminars).

Our Strategy

Many times, the simplest solutions are best. Our system is defined by the fact that human
brains are wired for stories. We intertwine Frank D. Murphy’s inspirational life story with
unique experiences and meeting basic needs to introduce at-risk youth to our organization and
services. Once we have a relationship, higher level skills and concepts are taught simply,
restated in different modalities throughout the process to embrace all learning styles, and
taught in a universal voice to build a narrative that sticks in youth brains.

The Story

Frank’s life story is compelling. He overcame the struggles of growing up in an at-risk, inner-city neighborhood

Frank faced the possibility of spending life behind bars, but thanks to a second chance from NFL Superbowl Coach, Tony Dungy, he left drugs, guns, and jail behind to become a star athlete, successful NFL player, and industry leading businessman.

Frank is uniquely able to pull universal principles from his own life story to inspire, empower, and educate at-risk youth.

The Man Behind the Helmet Book"The God of Second Chances"

Everyone deserves a do-over, a chance to rewrite their story. In "The Man Behind the Helmet: The
God of Second Chances," Frank D. Murphy shares his inspiring journey from a troubled past to
the NFL. This gripping tale of forgiveness and redemption will touch your heart and ignite your
belief in second chances.

From an economically disadvantaged neighborhood to jail, Frank faced it all. Discover the key ingredients to success as Frank reveals how he refused to give up, tapping into faith and prayer to transform his life. Now, he's here to guide you on your own path to success. Learn from his experiences and apply his wisdom to your own decision-making.

Unlock your second chance!

The Man Behind the Helmet Stage Production

Delve into Frank's captivating narrative of difficulties, adversity, bad choices, success,
forgiveness, and unwavering focus. This stage play is a testament to faith, surrender, leaving the
past behind, and embracing transformation.

Discover the valuable lessons Frank learned throughout his life, from childhood to the NFL and beyond. Through this production, he not only shares his inspiring journey but also offers practical solutions and guidance for the youth of today.

Witness the story that teaches,motivates, and inspires!
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The Secret Playbook –21 Plays to Unlock the Secrets to a Purposeful Life"

Are you ready to transform your life and rewrite your future? Discover the secrets to a purposeful life with The Secret Playbook, a self-guided workbook based on Frank D. Murphy's incredible journey from a jail cell to the NFL.

In this transformative playbook, Mr.Murphy, shares his wisdom and life-changing practices. Dive deep into your own journey and uncover the power within you. Each secret play offers insights and tools to help youovercome obstacles, let go of old habits, and create the life you desire.

Unlock your purpose!

Your creative, high energy, and thought-provoking style sent tantalizing messages through the hearts, spirits, and minds of the audience...your [programs] galvanized their thoughts and attention...they walked away feeling empowered to overcome their present plight and encouraged to soar for new goals."

Carlos Harris, Facility Administrator

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