Jeremy MercadoBoard Member, Kansas City, MO

Leadership, mentoring, guidance are some of the most important things in someone’s life. They can define the path someone travels, the quality of life they have, and the outlook of society on a grander scale. Coming from the Philippines as a young child, growing up in a country I didn’t know, with influences from every direction, I could have traveled many directions. Fortunately, I was guided, mentored, and lead down a path of self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and a sense of community. From the odd kid to valedictorian, businessman, and now a mentor.

I have been able to embrace the things that made me different and made me who I am. Each and every person that guided me to this point and beyond holds a special place in my heart and memory. I believe it is our time and knowledge that is most valuable to give. To bring that sense and confidence in ourselves to these young people is something that brings me great joy. This is why it is my honor, and my pleasure to be a part of MP Charity.

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