Michael K. BigosMarketing & Brand Director

Michael K. Bigos is an accomplished Design Consultant, Brand Designer & Strategist in Tampa, Florida helping businesses and organizations gain a competitive advantage via branding solutions, marketing, and visual/digital communications.  Michael has 20+ years experience in the Department of Defense, Commercial Sector and Creative Media Industry, with his works spanning across the globe.  Michael and his wife Sophia are proud US Army Veterans and along with his family, have a combined total of 66 years dedicated service to the US Military.  Michael is a firm believer in strengthening the emotional, physical and social attributes of our youth and he has been giving back to his community since graduating high school via mentoring, coaching youth football, and most recently as President of Rhodes Academy for the Creative Arts of Tampa. Michael is a long time friend of Frank D. Murphy and has been an intricate part of helping the outreach arms Frank has been directing since 2007. Michael has recently joined arms again with Mentoring with Purpose Charities on the Advisory Board of Directors in efforts to usher in the next generation of strong and capable leaders of the greater Tampa Bay Community.

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