Rob “Brittono” AdamsAdvisory Board Member

From as far back as I can remember I wanted to help people, and I wasn’t sure what that meant until I was in grade school and the fire department came for an alarm. I saw the big trucks and lights and I knew that is how I was going to help people. So I grabbed every book I could find on how to be a firefighter, I took class after class to learn my craft to be the best. I worked my way up in the department and along the way, I had some great leaders and some not so great. After retiring from the fire department I joined corporate America, and boy was I shocked the number of leaders that were just one by title, not actions. To be a leader you must be able to work and grow with your team, keep them vested in the goal and work out any “hazard” or conflict that may arise. A true leader inspires, motivates, and teaches, but at the same time learns.

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